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Autumn Leaves

In celebration of the season, we thought we’d offer up a delightful little piano piece to reflect the changing colors and moods of autumn. Enjoy! [pods name=”song” slug=”autumn-leaves” template=”Song Single”]   Favorite

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After the Ball

After the Ball

Almost forgot about this one! Posted back in April as part of Gavin’s Project: Archives series. [pods name=”song” slug=”1076″ template=”Song Single”][/pods] Favorite

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G. A. Boeckling March

G A Boeckling March

Originally featured as part of Gavin’s Project: Archives series, this song was intended to be recorded and released in time for the final weekend of Midnight Syndicate’s Halloweekends performances at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. [pods name=”song” slug=”1061″ template=”Song Single”][/pods] Favorite

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Over The Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall

Originally posted as part of Gavin’s Project: Archives series last week, this is a previously unreleased track from the It’s Not The Coat Makes The Gentleman era. This song has served as a set opener for years and may be familiar to those of you who have seen a Parlormuse performance in the past. Favorite

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Janet’s Choice

Janet's Choice

This was an alternate choice for the ending track on It’s Not The Coat Makes The Gentleman. I really liked both this one as well as “Once Again” but ended up choosing the latter because I felt it worked a little better as a counterpart to “In The Gloaming.” I actually performed this song once

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A Broken Song

Previously Unavailable

Here’s another preview track from A Distance From Home: “A Broken Song.” Traditional Irish music has been a huge influence on me for most of my musical career, as evidenced by how frequently traditional songs have turned up, both live and on recordings. This one was done a cappella, with a four part arrangement (lead and three harmonies). Favorite

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A Distance From Home Release Delayed

Hello all. We hope that you’re having a safe and joyous holiday season. Just wanted to post a quick update regarding the upcoming album, A Distance From Home. The release date has been pushed back into January of 2015, due to some unforeseen personal circumstances that arose around Thanksgiving which have prevented me from finishing the mixing/mastering

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