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A Peculiar Experiment

Greetings! I know it’s been a bit quiet here lately…or has it? Several years ago, I announced the upcoming release of a second full-length album (A Distance From Home), but save for a handful of tracks that found their way onto social media around that time, little has been heard or seen of it since.

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Telesmatic Entertainment 20% off Sale

Telesmatic Entertainment Limited is hosting a 20% off sale this weekend (12/7/2018 through 12/10/2018) to celebrate their Grand Opening, which means it’s a great time to pick up any Parlormuse merchandise that’s on your holiday list! Telesmatic is the exclusive distributor of official Parlormuse T-shirts and accessories, and they also have physical CDs as well

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Autumn Leaves

In celebration of the season, we thought we’d offer up a delightful little piano piece to reflect the changing colors and moods of autumn. Enjoy! [pods name=”song” slug=”autumn-leaves” template=”Song Single”]   Favorite

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