G. A. Boeckling March

Toward the end of Midnight Syndicate’s run of performances at Cedar Point’s Halloweekends in 2014, I discovered this sheet music in my collection and realized the rather coincidental tie-in: George Arthur Boeckling was arguably one of Cedar Point’s most important and influential figures and is widely credited with saving the park during the dark days of the early 1900s and turning it into the kind of nationally-renowned attraction that it is today. A passenger steamer was named in Mr. Boeckling’s honor (hence the cover image), and this piece of music was performed by the Cedar Point orchestra at every concert directed by its composer, Leopold Adler.

The goal had been to have this piece arranged and recorded in time for release during the final weekend of the 2014 Halloweekends performances, but unfortunately, time and other obligations prevented that from happening. It had been languishing in unreleased form since that time until being recently included as part of Gavin‘s Project: Archives series of recordings.

Lyrics: (Instrumental)

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