Parlormuse Dons Sponsor Hat For Wild West Con 6

We’re very excited and honored to be an official sponsor for this year’s Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention in Tucson, AZ! The convention happens March 3-5, 2017 and features plenty to see and do, including a great selection of vendors, tons of panels and workshops, an absinthe tasting, costume contest, […]

Janet's Choice

Janet’s Choice

This was an alternate choice for the ending track on It’s Not The Coat Makes The Gentleman. I really liked both this one as well as “Once Again” but ended up choosing the latter because I felt it worked a little better as a counterpart to “In The Gloaming.” I […]

New Podcast – 2015-2016 Updates

This podcast provides an overview of everything that has happened involving Parlormuse since last February, when the latest announcement for A Distance From Home‘s release was made. Favorite


Composer Profile: Claribel

“Come Back to Erin,” “I Cannot Sing The Old Songs,” “Strangers Yet,” “You and I,” and “Take Back the Heart” are just a few of composer/poet Claribel’s many works. Charlotte Alington Barnard was born in England in 1830 to a middle class family, where she began writing poetry and setting […]

A Broken Song

Here’s another preview track from A Distance From Home: “A Broken Song.” Traditional Irish music has been a huge influence on me for most of my musical career, as evidenced by how frequently traditional songs have turned up, both live and on recordings. This one was done a cappella, with a four part arrangement […]

Previously Unavailable Track